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F1 Seac fins Sling Strap

F1 Seac fins Sling Strap
F1 Seac fins Sling Strap
F1 Seac fins Sling Strap
F1 Seac fins Sling Strap
F1 Seac fins Sling Strap
F1 Seac fins Sling Strap
F1 Seac fins Sling Strap
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The F1 S Fin is a modern lightweight dual material fin with a good effort to performance ratio. The combination of soft and hard materials channel water to the tip of the fin for an efficient up and down kick. Bungee heel fin straps with anti-slip system carefully designed to work in all positions are made from a water-resistant bungee material that applies a constant grip on your foot as your boot compresses with depth. These depth-compensating bungee straps with large finger loop heel design also make it much easier to don and doff your fins without having to adjust buckles and straps every time you dive. 

The moderate vented blade fin comes with ribbing protectors to guarantee longer life. Blade material is a durable techno-polymer with ultralight flex, providing high performance, and high resistance to impact even at low temperatures. Integrated rigid frame stabilizes the foot pocket. The foot pockets are a combination of techno-polymer and thermoplastic elastomer for strength and comfort. Fins weigh 3.2 lbs. (1,46 kg) and is available in multiple colors and sizes. The Seac fF1 S, is a fin with modern features, light, easy to use, comfortable and with a performance/effort ratio among the best on the market. The special shape and careful choice of materials, combined with the new sling strap system, means it can tackle any situation.


Seac F1 S Fins Features

  • Seac F1 S Fins:
  • Modern Lightweight Dual Material Fin
  • Good Effort to Performance Ratio
  • Combination of Soft and Hard Materials
  • Channels Water to Tip of Fin for Efficient Up-and-Down Kick
  • Bungee Heel Fin Straps w/Anti-Slip System: 
    Carefully Designed, Works in All Positions 
    Made from Water-Resistant Bungee Material
    Depth-Compensating; Applies Constant Grip On Foot as Boot Compresses w/Depth
    Large Finger Loops Make Easy Don and Doff 
    No Adjusting Required
  • Moderate Vented Blade Fin Design
  • Ribbing Protectors to Guarantee Longer Life
  • Blade Materials: 
    Durable Techno-Polymer
    Ultralight Flex
    Provides High Performance
    High Resistance to Impact Even at Low Temperatures
  • Integrated Rigid Frame Stabilizes Foot Pocket
  • Foot Pockets: 
    Combination of Techno-Polymer & Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
    Strength and Comfort
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs. (1,46 kg)
  • Modern Features, Light, Easy to Use
  • Special Shape and Careful Choice of Materials
  • Can Tackle Any Situation
  • Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes

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