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Brand: SEAC Model: F1 Seac fins Sling Strap
The F1 S Fin is a modern lightweight dual material fin with a good effort to performance ratio. The combination of soft and hard materials channel water to the tip of the fin for an efficient up and down kick. Bungee heel fin straps with anti-slip system carefully designed to work in all positions a..
Ex Tax:AED289
Brand: SEAC Model: Seac Basic Hd 5mm Boots
A great choice for scuba diving in cooler waters, this pair of Seac Pro HD nylon 2 neoprene wetsuit boots have a 6mm thickness and provide excellent protection with their rigidly molded, high-grip sole that's extremely impenetrable. These boots also feature excellent arch support and a heel air bubb..
Ex Tax:AED130
Brand: SEAC Model: Seac Belt Buckle Stainless Steel
The Seac Steel Buckle Weight Belt is a standard size webbing weightbelt to thread solid weight blocks with a stainless steel quick release buckle. SPECIFICATIONS Length : 140cm..
Ex Tax:AED79
Brand: SEAC Model: Seac Belt Rubber Marseille 160CM
The Seac Marsigliese Rubber Weight Belt is a flexible rubber weight belt with a Marseille stlye buckle for fixed block weights...
Ex Tax:AED179
Brand: SEAC Model: Seac Ego BCD
The decision to use Cordura 1000 in creating this jacket was based essentially on the need to maximize abrasion resistance, given the intensive use these jackets are subjected to in diving centers. Another fantastic feature is the even wider range of sizes, beginning HV XXXS and reaching XL, capable..
Ex Tax:AED1,289
Brand: SEAC Model: Seac Smart BCD
Seac Smart BCD, maximum resistance and functionality are the key features of this model. Fitted with safety release gravity weight pocket system. A system that combines practicality, efficiency and effectiveness. It is the ideal solution for those who love to travel and who want optional management ..
Ex Tax:AED1,430
Brand: SEAC Model: Seac Steel Buckle Rubber Belt
The Seac Steel Buckle Rubber Weight Belt is a rubber weight belt with a quick release stainless steel buckle for solid lead blocks...
Ex Tax:AED119
Brand: SEAC Model: Seac Sub X-5 Octo
Product description Seacsub X 5 Octo Seac proposes solutions for a reliable and long-lasting emergency second stage that allows natural effortless breathing. Even if the specs differ, the common denominator is always maximum functionality. X-5 Octo Seac offers solutions for a reliable and durablee..
Ex Tax:AED539
Brand: SEAC Model: Seac X-5P Regulator INT 230 BAR
X-5P Reliability and simplicityThe reliability, safety, and simplicity of the piston first-stage are further enhanced by the new SEAC second stage with its extraordinary performance, sturdiness, and light weight. zoomX-5P First stage materials: shiny chrome-plated brass • Second stage materials: ul..
Ex Tax:AED999
Brand: SEAC Model: Seac Alien 3.5 MM
The Seac Alien 3.5mm Men's Wetsuit is one of Seac's most premiere wetsuits. With Glued and stitched seams you can rest assured that the suit will hold up to just about anything you can put it through. The 3.5mm is ideal for temperate waters but the added warmth from the extra .5mm and all the added ..
Ex Tax:AED610
Brand: SEAC Model: Seac Alien 5mm Wetsuit
The Seac Alien 5mm Wetsuit is a simple 5mm wetsuit with reinforced knees and shoulders and a quick drying internal lining for those second dives. Improved wrist and ankle seals simply allow a little water in and keep it there.     Wrist Ring Seal System stops cold water from flushing in around th..
Ex Tax:AED715
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