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Stahlsac Dry Bag 12L

Wet gear can put a damper on a trip, quickly. The Stahlsac dry bags are your first defense against water, debris and other unwanted additions. They are offered in a variety of sizes that should match every need. Just stash your clothing or essentials inside this rugged dry bag, roll the top and clip it shut, and be on your way. Tough nylon shell material is pliable, highly resistant to abrasion and puncture, and features a urethane coating so this bag is waterproof inside and out. 

All seams are radio frequency (RF) welded offers superior waterproof protection compared to taped and sewn seams. Dry Sac's have semi-opaque rip stop panel for easy location of contents. Handy detachable carry strap with robust fixings top and bottom of bag. Roll top closure is equipped with a squeeze-style" side-release buckle closure. Bag is available in multiple capacities depending on your gear needs. Bag comes in a 12, 30 or 60-liter (732, 1,831 or 3,661 cu. in.) size.


Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.


Stahlsac Storm Dry Sac Features

  • Stahlsac Storm Dry Sac:
  • Wet Gear Can Put a Damper On-a-Trip, Quickly
  • First Defense Against Water, Debris and Other Unwanted Additions
  • Offered in Variety of Sizes, Should Match Every Need
  • Tough Nylon Shell Material, Pliable, Highly Resistant to Abrasion and Puncture
  • Urethane Coating, Waterproof Inside and Out
  • All Seams Radio Frequency (RF) Welded
  • Superior Waterproof Protection Compared to Taped and Sewn Seams
  • Semi-Opaque Rip Stop Panel for Easy Location of Contents
  • Handy Detachable Carry Strap w/Robust Fixings Top & Bottom of Bag
  • Roll Top Closure: Squeeze-Style" Side-Release Buckle
  • Available in 3-Capacities: 
    12 liter (732 cu. in. ) 
    30 liter (1,831 cu. in.) 
    60 liter (3,661 cu. in.)

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