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Trident Mask Strap Cover

Trident Mask Strap Cover
Trident Mask Strap Cover
AED 42
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This Trident Comfort Mask Strap Cover will make scuba diving and snorkeling a more comfortable experience. 

Features include:

  • Added Comfort for getting ready And while diving
  • Easy to install - simply slide the mask strap through the cover
  • Helps eliminate hair tangles
  • Fits over most all mask straps
  • Extends mask strap life
  • Will help floast most masks
  • Each cover has two colors - one color per side
  • RP24

This Trident Mask Strap Cover is a GREAT addition for all divers who want to prevent having their hair ripped out when putting on, taking off, and using any mask. Dive in COMFORT!

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